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Train simsim[Free]


Train and Shinkansen I made for the child of love."Fast" button and a "slow" You can change the train speed with the button.Please try to tap the icon so it will appear icon from the lower left.You can transform into a variety of Shinkansen and trains, railroad crossing, a tunnel, will appear, such as iron bridge.It can run even ride on the road on the screen in addition, because various things will appearTry to tap. Fun things happen be?
· Conventional lines icon: Train changes to various train.Shinkansen icon: it will transform into a bullet train.· SL Icon: I turns into SL.-Crossing icon: it will appear railroad crossing.Tunnel icon: The tunnel will appear.· Bridge icon: iron bridge will appear.- Shine icon: E7, you can transform into W7 Shinkansen.· Landscape switching icon: I will change route to the landscape of different location.· Whistle icon: You can toot.
Such as train or background, we wanted to go more and more increase.If you have such as a train that you want to appear, please requestI would want to make to the priority.
● When you tap the bullet train iconVehicle of each bullet train route will be various emerged as including the Tokaido Shinkansen rare Doctor Yellow, also appeared East-i.Appearing Shinkansen all types from 0 system to W7.E7 system!
● When you tap the icon SLIt turns into a certain period of time SL. It will hear a whistle wearing Mokumoku smoke.Kind of SL also I would like to live to increase in the future.
● When you tap the landscape iconWhen the big tunnel exit the tunnel appeared runs trains a different location of the landscape.
● introduction of conventional lines that appearedJR and private railway, local railway, a variety of vehicles such as Tokyo subway appeared.Appeared to train 40 or more
● in front of the road police cars and ambulances, fire engines, please try to tap because vehicles such as buses appeared.What happens is I enjoy.
It would be appreciated teaching your If you have any doubt that it does not have a railway mania.※ will be displayed advertising banners. Please note.※ this train of game you can play for free until the end.